Custom Photo Editing

I am now offering my editing services to you. Cameras can't capture the entire dynamic range that our eyes can. Similarly, they won't always be able to produce a proper exposure or white balance, resulting in dark or bright images with unrealistic colors. Dust on the lens may create spots on your pictures, and purple fringes can develop around edges. Through post production and processing, your images can have a more natural and refined look. Just wait and see the difference!

-Digital Files Only Accepted-

Editing Options:

1. Tonal Correction - The best option if you are unsure what a photo needs, as it fixes the most common problems. This will improve contrast and sharpness, correct for shadows and highlights that are too extreme, reduce purple fringing, straighten horizon if needed, and adjusts the white balance to remove color casts. Dust spot removal can be added. This is what your vacation photos need ($5 Per Photo)

2(A). Portrait Retouching - This is great for images of your children or loved ones. Remove skin imperfections or red-eye. Also includes Simple Tonal Correction. ($10 Per Photo)

2(B). Scanned Photo Retouching - Perfect for old photos of memories and people you don't want to loose. Fix minor rips or tears in an old photo that has been scanned. Also includes Simple Tonal Correction. E-mail me for pricing because it depends on the level of reconstructing that is needed. Payment will be via e-mail invoice.

3. Black & White Conversion - Give you image an artistic and classic feel. Converts a color image to a stunning grayscale picture, also includes Simple Tonal Correction. ($10 Per Photo)

4. Panorama Stitching - Make a wide panorama to capture a wide or tall space, and turn it into one photo. Stitch a series of photos into a panorama view, includes Simple Tonal Correction. Note: Images must have the same exposure for this to work, also not all series of photos work together. If this is the case, there will be no charge. ($10 Per Photo)

5. HDR Merge - Show all of the colors and details in an image by combining 3-5 photos of the same thing with different exposures into a single image. Includes Simple Tonal Correction. Can be made to look real or with the characteristic HDR style. Note: This procedure works best if the images were shot on a tripod, if not, try to make sure all the images have a similar framing. ($10 Per Photo)

6. Other/Custom - If you don't see an option that fits your images or you aren't sure what plan to pick, please e-mail me so we can discuss the editing that you are looking for. I charge about $20 an hour for custom work, but I will give you a price ahead of time. Payment will be via e-mail invoice.
When Ordering: In the notes box please let me know if you have any special considerations for me when I edit, especially any time considerations.


How it works:

1. Start by purchasing any combination of editing plans that you want. In the shopping cart, the quantity number refers to the number of photos.

2. I will send you a message for transferring your photos to me.

3. When I am done editing, I will upload them into a private proofing gallery here on this website. There you can review and download your images.


Turnaround times will vary with my schedule, e-mail me for an estimate. If you are unsatisfied with the editing of an image, I will re-edit for no additional charge within a week since delivery. If you are still displeased, your money will be returned for that product. For orders over 10 products, I will start by editing only five and submit them for your approval. Once approved, I will complete the rest of your order.

Supported File Formats: jpg, tif, psd, and raw formats, (e.g., DNG, NEF, CR2). Please provide the highest resolution image possible for best results. Files will not be re-sized.